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Calvary Contender index of issues by subject
Animal Rights
Baptist World Alliance (BWA)
Bible versions
Billy Graham
Campus Crusade for Christ
Charismatic Movement
Contemporary Christian Music
Drugs, Alcohol
Eastern religion
Ecumenical Movement
False religion
Gun control/2nd amendment
Jerry Falwell
John MacArthur
Liberal churches
Liberal Seminaries
Mormon church/Latter-Day Saints
National Council of Churches
New age
New Evangelicalism
Promise Keepers
Robert Schuller
Rock 'n roll music
Roman Catholicism
Seminaries(see Liberal Seminaries)
Seventh-Day Adventists
Southern Baptist Convention
Tony Campolo
United Nations (UN)
United Religions (UR)
Women Preachers
World Council of Churches

NOTE: The web pages shown below are under construction. Some web pages contain no entries for Contender issues because that subject has not yet been indexed. The subject index is being built starting with the year 1994 Calvary Contender issues. The present status of the index is indicated by the table below the index.Thanks for your patience as the updating process continues.

This issue index is not comprehensive or exhaustive. If you want to search for a particular subject that is not listed below, please use the search feature on the main website page. The search feature will search every article on the website using a keyword, whereas this issue index only looks at article titles to list the subjects mentioned in articles.

When you click on the link for a particular issue to see the article on the chosen topic, the article on the chosen topic will be at the top of the webpage for the particular issue. So, if you are looking for an article that has the word abortion in it from 1994, and you choose the 2-1-1994 contender issue link on the webpage showing the issue that has the word abortion in it's title, the article in that issue of the contender with the title containing the word abortion will be at the very top of the webpage that contains all the articles contained in the 2-1-1994 contender issue. That means that the webpage will be skewed on your browser such that the article title with the word abortion in it will be at the top of the webpage shown on your browser and you will not be able to see the calvary contender logo at the top of the webpage. The webpage will be shown as if you searched for the topic yourself on the webpage and then scrolled the webpage down until the article about the topic was at the very top of the browser screen so that the calvary contender logo is no longer visible on the browser screen. If the contender issue contains multiple articles with the chosen topic in the article titles, the contender issue webpage will be listed more than once and the first link in the list will be for the first article about the  chosen topic, and the second link in the list will be for the next article vertically below the previous article about the chosen topic, and so on for any more links in the list. Since the issues in the index are listed in reverse order,  the top issue in the index beiug for the latest month of that year, such as December, for an issue with multiple articles for a chosen topic, the issue links are also reversed, so the topmost issue with multiple links will have the topmost link to the article that is further down on the webpage for that issue, and the link underneath that link will be for the article that is the first article on the webpage for that issue. If any of this is confusing, or you have any questions about the index, just email me at . I will respond as soon as I can to any questions, concerns, or errors. Thanks.

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